Weddings / Engagements

According to Hindu Dharma, marriage is a sacrament. Its purpose is to create and develop a religious and spiritual outlook in life. Marriage influences the personality of man and woman as life partners, enabling them to take their rightful place in society. idea behind the marriage in Hindu Dharma is to foster not self-interest, but love for the entire family (and society). It is the love and duty cultivated for the entire family that prevents break-ups. During the nuptial ceremony in a Vedic marriage, both the bride and the bridegroom take an oath for the practice of self-restraint, to work together for the welfare of the family & Dharma and to help each other attain spiritual peace. This lofty ideal of sanctity is a great gift of Hindu Dharma to the world at large.


Engagement a promise for the marriage, from both bride’s grooms side. they prepare a “Lagna Patrika”, a written promise to each other to perform the ceremony at a future date. The couple exchanges the wedding rings and the ceremony ends with best wishes and blessings from all the elders. it this Lakshni pooja or Gowri pooja is done according to there customs.