About Us

​Our Mission

As generation grow older, we need an organization dedicated to holding our Hindu principles for our youth and children to follow various rituals in our lifetime.

The goal is to guide people through the various phases of life starting from birth.

Bringing Vaikuntam (Nithyavibhuthi) to this world is a divine task that will help all devotes reach Salvation (Vaikuntam). Our goal is to build the temple accurately according to how Agama Shastram describes Vaikuntam (Nithyavibhuthi), a replica of Vaikuntam itself (Bhuvaikuntam or Heaven on Earth ).

Our aim is to make our mission and vision come true through this temple and organization. We will be a community organization creating awareness and connection amongst our younger generations to attain good karma and know the difference between right vs. wrong. We plan to create scholarship programs for bright underprivileged students and eventually expand our services to philanthropy.

As we progress, we will perform Annadhanam in remote regions of India to poor and disabled people. Our organization has a lot to accomplish and a long way to progress. Volunteers are greatly appreciated to help and support in making this dream a reality.