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Our Testimonials

Prithi & Vijay

Hi, We had the opportunity to have Srinivas bhatter as our family priest and a very good friend for few years now. He has blessed our family through many occasions right from house warming, satyanaran pooja to baby’s naming ceremony and ayushya homam. He has made every such occasion feel divine and blessed. We wish to continue being blessed with great divinity for many more years…


 It is absolutely amazing to see how Srinivasa Bhattar bridges the gap between the new and the old- bringing traditions to life explaining their importance and significance. We have had him perform numerous poojas at our house and would highly recommend him for his in-depth knowledge and his dedication to what he does. He always brings and leaves tons of positive vibrations.


Srinivas Bhattar has addressed all our religious needs( rituals/pujas) with outmost devotion and sanctity. He’s accommodative and will come to your location, which is an added convenience. He’s knowledgeable and will take time to explain the significance of the pujas in simple terms. We’re extremely pleased with his service and highly recommend and refer him.